General Lectures

Set 1
Topic Speaker Date Location* Language
Making of a Knowledge Society Dr. Sam Pitroda Belurmath English
A Concise Encyclopedia of Hinduism Dr Abdul Kalam Belurmath English
Life's Seven Stages Swami Tyagananda 12/13/09 Boston English
Living from Moment to Moment Swami Tyagananda 1/24/10 Boston English
Religion, Unlabeled & Eternal Swami Tyagananda 4/10/09 Boston English
Self-effort of Self-Surrender? Swami Dayatmananda 10/25/09 Boston English
The Trinity of Freedom Swami Tyagananda 10/11/09 Boston English
Three Levels of Being Swami Tyagananda 9/21/09 Boston English
Through the Looking Glass Swami Tyagananda 11/1/09 Boston English
Two Faces Swami Tyagananda 6/14/09 Boston English
Dying to Be Alive Rev. Carolyn Dittes 4/12/09 Boston English
From Disappointment to Spirituality Swami Tyagananda 5/24/09 Boston English
The Last Day Swami Tyagananda 3/29/09 Boston English
Anubhuti: The Experience Swami Kripamayananda June, 09 Toronto English
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